Morgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher
South Africa 2015
My name is Morgan Kathleen Fisher, and I will be traveling to Johannesburg, South Africa to work with Joint Aid Management for six months. Read More About Morgan →


I had the absolute privilege of joining JAM International and their global offices at their annual affiliate week conference in Mozambique last week.

These meetings recapped the previous year and laid out the vision for the future. I truly grew to have a greater understanding of JAM’s operations on a global scale.

I am currently working on a Global Social Media Strategy for JAM International. Meeting with the affiliate offices face to face brought so much clarity and vision to my plan. I returned to South Africa completely energized!

This was one of the most surreal trips for me as we visited the village where the JAM story began. There is something so powerful about being in the presence of leaders from various nations that have a relationship with the Lord and vision to change the world.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
— Matthew 18:20

JAM’s 31 years of experience has been a testimony of the fruitfulness of this verse as millions of children are being fed across the continent of Africa.

Agricultural development is always at the center of conversations focused on sustainability and development. As an individual passionate about entrepreneurship, I was very excited to witness farming communities across Mozambique that were adding jobs and value to the villages.


One of the most inspiring things I witnessed was the farm of Señor Maschava. Señor Maschava was the man that was fighting for his village and doing everything that he could to find food when Peter landed in Mozambique 31 years ago. At the time there was a drought and massive lack of resources. To see the development of his farm today and his entrepreneurial venture as a provider for many families in his village was a-maize-zing!

feeding line

We were then able to witness the idea of “Seed to Spoon.” To visually see the transition from agricultural development to school feeding was a perfect example of holistic development and how the programs JAM operates have a long term impact.


I am so excited for the future! Nothing energizes me more than being surrounded by passionate people with big vision. I extend my appreciation and gratefulness to each an everyone of you that was a part of this week and to JAM International for inviting me to have this experience. Finally, a massive thanks to the Lumos Travel Scholarship for providing such a life changing opportunity for me.

With Love,


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