Natalie Cataldo
Natalie Cataldo
Thailand 2018 - 2019
Sawadee Ka! My name is Natalie Cataldo, and I am in Thailand serving as a grant writer for the Wildflower Home in Chiang Mai and the Good Shepherd Youth Center in Chiang Rai. The sister organizations provide free long-term housing, education, recovery programs, and legal assistance for young women and single mothers who have sought help from dishonorable treatment (i.e. racial discrimination, domestic violence, etc.). I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to work with these organizations! Read More About Natalie →

Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!! The past few weeks have been filled with event planning, last minute reports, buying gifts and meeting many people! The Wildflower Home hosted their annual Christmas party and invited multiple Good Shepherd centers to our location. Our home was packed with girls of all ages and friends/guests/visitors who wanted to take part in the celebration. It was so special to be a part of the party and see so many people come together joyously. The majority of the population at this party have overcome or are currently overcoming some sort of struggle, grief, trauma, or despair in their life.  Despite carrying these things, they danced, laughed, and smiled as if they had no worries. The pain that we all can carry cannot dominate our happiness and love for the world, and I was reminded of that many times throughout this holiday season.

The past four – five months haven’t been easy here, but they have been transformative and humbling. I’m grateful for all of the people and situations that I have encountered.  I am also very excited for this next season. As I am getting closer with the women and children at the WFH I look forward to seeing them everyday.  Plus- there will be more travels and visits from loved ones in the next few months!

I’ve just finished packing and will leave for the airport in a few hours to meet my family in Bangkok! I’m very excited to see Bangkok and Krabi in the next week.  I will bring my family back to Chiang Mai and show them my stomping grounds for the rest of the trip.








I hope this season (and next year) is full of hope, peace, and joy for you. Merry Christmas!


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