Natalie Borrowman
Natalie Borrowman
Honduras 2016
Natalie Borrowman is a recent Belmont graduate in Spanish and Global Social Entrepreneurship. This summer, she is in Honduras with Mission Lazarus. Working with the boys in the ML vocational program, her project aims to secure business elements for their social enterprise structure. Read More About Natalie →

Four hours, Two weeks.

Four hour meetings can be good things, and can be bad things. Like, who wants to sit for four hours and talk about what needs to be done better. But we all know that communicating is the most important thing when working through a growing phase in a business. So we did this. We talked for four hours on a Friday under a tin roof in pouring rain about the struggles and our plans to overcome them. Okay, it was more like shouted. But we needed to do it, it all be on the same page.

Strategies are now in place to install a production calendar, to begin research on local versus international suppliers, to shift our gears in production offerings to better supply the demands of our market. It all makes sense when we talk about it, but it seems almost too big to tackle. The dreaming is the fun part, the implementing is where the challenge sets in.

Dreams are starting to unfold too. On Thursday, Ernesto, Nacho, and MZ took me to a peleteria in town to look at potential other leathers we could use in our new product lines and collections. We took photos and samples of the leather. It’s fun to dream, and me- with my goal focused mentality- sees it like a wide open track ahead, and I will take off running. There’s still so much I need to understand before I can ground these dreams in reality, like costs, actual production time, the market demand, the value we bring to the consumer, the impact we can have on the students in our programs.

I’ve been sleeping better though. It is shockingly colder here than I ever believed it would be. You hear Honduras and you think HOT. Well, in the mountains its different. My toes are numb by night and I sweat by day. Its like the wind and weather can’t make up its mind and my body can’t decide how to react. But I mentioned this to one of the women who works here, and when I went back to my room that evening, a warmer fleece blanket covered my bed. A little gift of The Lord through sweet Yamileth.

That’s one thing I know for sure. When we work in accordance with the will and direction of Christ, He takes care of it. He provides what is needed, and if its not provided, it probably wasn’t needed. And that’s good enough for me. I’m learning daily to trust Him more and more.

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