Henna Jurca
Henna Jurca
China 2011
Henna Jurca is a Senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a major in Asian Studies and minor in Chinese. Henna will be volunteering and studying through the Keats School in Kunming, China. Read More About Henna →

Finally made it…

After a day of plane rides, airports, loosing my iPod, and making three new friends, I’M FINALLY in China!

Last stop in the United States

Shout out to Elliot Holden who I met on my flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  His trip ended in LA and was only 5 hours, but what we had in common was we were both on our way to pursuing our dreams and doing what we love.  Elliot is in LA trying to get his music (www.lunarblush.com) on “Vampire Diaries” (one of my favorite shows EVER) and “Pretty Little Liars.”  Very cool.

Got the Passport and necessities to keep me healthy and knocked out

Visa and Boarding Pass

And ready to board my 14 hour flight!

Translation on the plane made me feel like I was already in China...

Shout out to Emily who I talked to on my flight from LA to Shanghai.  She is a Senior at Western Kentucky University and staying in Shanghai for 6 weeks to study abroad with a Business group.

Emily and me at the Shanghai Pu Dong Airport

I was so happy to finally land in China.  It was one of the longest trips I’ve ever had...

There is a reason you can barely see anything... so much pollution

And finally shout out to Zheng Xiao, who I met on my 3 hour bus ride from Shanghai to Hangzhou.  She just graduated with her Undergraduate degree in Marketing in Hangzhou.  Xiao will begin studying for her Graduate degree in Boston, MA this September.  It will be her first time traveling outside of China so she asked me a lot of questions about how life is like in America.  She had interesting stereotypes of Americans – like how everyone eats a ton of meat and no vegetables, and stores close at 6pm everyday...haha!  Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture with her =

Right now it is 1am here and I am WIDE awake... but I guess I should get some sleep if I want to adjust to the time before I fly to Kunming, China to start my volunteer work and studies.  More posts soon to come!

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