Brittany Robinson
Brittany Robinson
Germany 2014
Hi! I will be traveling to Berlin, Germany to further my knowledge of German language and experience the culture. Read More About Brittany →

Everything is real!


It is my third week in Germany and I now feel like I am at home. The more things I see and the more I learn about the country’s history, the more I am fascinated by every inch of the country that I have encountered.

Last weekend, the group of students went to Dresden for the weekend. While the highpoint for me was seeing my friends for the first time in months, I have to say that the city is easily my favorite location in the world (note: I have not seen too much of the world). Walking in Dresden, I truly felt as though I was in a different country- where I really should try to speak German.

Spoiler alert- you never need to know German to live in Berlin. Everyone is at least bilingual.                                                                                                                  10569096_674237045989481_7455128767686402340_n

Anyway,  Dresden was fantastic. I made the decision two hours after we got off the train that I would spend my last week or so there. I think I would stay forever if I could. It is large, but everyone is calm and happy. Saturday evening, friends and I hung out by the Elbe and just talked. It was so peaceful. Sunday we walked around New Town and saw some amazing graffiti and then we played in the fountain. There were also naked children in the fountain.

Cultural Difference: On hot days, there are often naked children in the fountains. Its just a thing.
There are not a lot of huge differences, I have found, between American and German culture. The longer I am here though the more I notice that there are a ton of small differences though. For example:
-Going to a restaurant takes at least a couple hours. There is no such thing as speedy service.
-Smiling at strangers is not a thing (oops)
-Everyone is Bilingual and more than willing to help you in whatever language they can speak
-Bikes are a serious form of transportation.
-There is no such thing as free water or restroom usage
-Air conditioning....not really a thing.
I am hoping that my next post, I will be able to do partly in German. My class has been one of the hardest I have ever had, but I am learning a ton. I can already write sentences! Things are fantastic.  10527731_826380080705938_3938048690576768107_n
^^My score was only 5 but, I made words!

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