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Kevin Gao
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Cerecare Week 3

Surprises are the best! Especially when they involve you being a MC for a huge event...

So during my orientation to work I was asked whether or not I wanted to be a host for a huge event Cerecare is doing for Children’s day. Due to some language barriers, I agreed to be a host/mc without even knowing it!

So the day came when I was handed a script in Chinese... and you can imagine my face. But over time and lessons from other staff, I managed to “read” Chinese.

Weeks before the event, the children practiced so hard and diligently for their songs and performances. When asked what the dreams of several of these children, a lot of them will want to be singers. So for these children, you can feel their passion as they practiced for an entire half year for this event.

From watching and helping the children practice, you learn two things: First, how difficult it is for these children to learn something that requires a sense of rhythm. A lot of them physically and mentally cannot keep up with the musical piece. And also, you learn how resilient they are and how they will never give up and will be there supporting each other. Just like their current condition, such as learning to read or walk. From where they started to now, they have improved so much. But it is not without a lot of pain and determination and a loving support group from their peers and other staff members. All I can say is no matter what, I will always be proud of these children.

On the actual day of performance, besides me saying some Chinese phrases wrong and minor technical difficulties, was a huge success! All of the children expressed their passion and demonstrated what they have been working on so diligently for the past six months. And the crowd loved it! Parents, friends, strangers, everyone was there with tears in their eyes. It was emotional in the way that everyone got the message: we are all the same.

One of the children, Duo Duo, is the one with the most musical talent in Cerecare. He is extremely extroverted and loves to talk and sing. He had the final piece and did not fail to show his full potential. At that point, I felt tears in my eyes too. Everyone, but especially him, has worked so hard. This is a child who cannot yet walk nor cut paper with scissors. But he is a boy who always tells you how much he loves you and how much he appreciates you helping him. He is a boy who knows about his condition yet never gives up on his dreams. Someday I truly believe that when he sings, his stage is somewhere that can be heard from around the world. I am so proud.




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