Kate Wurm
Kate Wurm
Southeast Asia, 2019 - 2020
I graduated from Belmont University in May of 2019 with a Major in Religion and the Arts and a Minor in Photography. My roots are set back home in Detroit, MI, but a piece of my heart will always belong to India. From September 2019 to September 2020, I will be an International Justice Mission Communications Intern in the South East Asia field office.

Am I impressive now?

Two weeks later and the closest I’ve been to Indian culture was the chai tea latte I had at Starbucks last Monday.

Nothing has changed. My things are still packed. My visa is still being processed. And I am still home in Detroit, MI.

I was hesitant to write this blog post, simply because I have no new information to share with you. I’m right where you left me two weeks ago: drinking coffee and playing Bananagrams with my parents as I wait for the green light on my move to India. And I’m okay with that, but I do wish I had some sort of ground-breaking, live changing, unbelievably interesting update to share. Don’t we all. . .

Current Updates:
got my haircut (just a trim, of course)
had lunch with my grandma
read a few books (read=skimmed)
visited an art fair with my dad
backed up my phone
ripped a pair of jeans
tried a new shampoo
rode my bike
went to a farmers market with my mom
mastered the perfect breakfast sandwich: everything bagel+fried egg+avocado+fried ham+salt/pepper (can substitute ham for bacon)

When this journey to India began, months and months ago, I dreamt of all the thoughts and stories I would share on this page. I envisioned making my readers simultaneously belly laugh while reaching for the nearest box of tissues. I imagined humor soaked with meaningful life lessons. Man did I want to impress you.

But alas, unless you are deeply moved to tears by ripped pants and shampoo, then I fear that I have let you down. Nothing impressive to see here. I’m tempted to tell you to just come back in a few weeks when things get more interesting and read-worthy. (But please don’t go).

Agh, I want to not want to be impressive. I want to be so cool and hip about this waiting period. Unphased by this brief intermission. It’s so easy to believe that life stops in these moments, only to start up again when things begin to get interesting. It’s as if the only things that count are the big things, but I assume that you all know that that’s not true.

The big moments are exciting, and they deserve attention.
Big moments like graduating or getting married or finding a job or moving to INDIA!
Big, beautiful things.

But my gosh so much of life is the little moments, and if I ignore these little moments, I will be missing out on some big growth opportunities. Some big family time. Some big rest. Some big reflection.

When I started writing this post I had something specific I wanted to share about finding meaning in the in between moments, but truth be told, I completely forgot what I wanted to say. So, I suppose that’s it for now. Let’s raise a glass of chai tea to being human! And forgetting things! Huzzah!

From small moments to big moments, and all the medium moments in between, may you be satisfied in the One who walks through each moment with us. If only we knew how much we mattered to the Maker of moments.


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