About Kevin

Gao_headshotI am Kevin, a nursing student in Belmont University on my way to become a pediatrics nurse. This professional goal of mine is fueled by my love of people and genuine desire to make an impact in people and in a community. Being a second generation Chinese American, I have always dreamed of the land where my parents are from and how different it is from here. No matter how different it is, it will never change my desire to also make a difference in that community. This summer, I will be embarking on a journey of a lifetime to the land where it all started, China, to serve and finally become a part of this society.

I am an avid traveller and is fascinated by the wonderful world we live in. It is no life, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America are very different in terms of culture and life. This is what fascinates me, the love of being in a new culture and a culture where my roots are ingrained. I will be in Shanghai, the largest, most populated, and cultural capital of China. Indeed it will be very different from Nashville, but the genuineness brought by care transcends borders and that care is what I will be bringing to Shanghai to serve with the children of Shanghai and hoping to make an impact.

I love to learn about different cultures. The best way to learn a new culture is to dive in and embrace it. The culture shock of language, food, traditions, and people may be overwhelming for others, but it is exciting for me and the best way to learn. This summer I will serve, travel, and most importantly I will learn.