About Ilaria

Ilaria YoussefEleven years ago, I moved from Egypt to Nashville with my family. I have longed to visit my home country ever since. Although I don’t remember much from my time in Egypt, I still carry with me a few of my childhood interests. I used to attend a French elementary school, where we learned Mathematics in French. Moving to the U.S. knowing only a handful of English words, I found comfort in math class, where the numbers were the same and I could excel rather than start from the beginning. My love for problem solving only grew from there where puzzles were my covid-19 hobby. This passion extended until I graduated last May with my bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.

In October 2023, I will be volunteering with BLESSEgypt which helps serve multiple underprivileged communities in the country. I’m excited to step foot in the nonprofit world, as a dream of mine is to one day found or take part at a nonprofit that is aimed to help the homeless community here in Nashville! I’m also excited to go back to my home country and unlock old memories as well as make myriads of new ones. I am looking forward to becoming a local, once again, in a place I once called home!