Hannah DeLap
Hannah DeLap
India 2011-2012
Originally from Houston, TX, I currently live in Nashville, TN, where I just graduated from Belmont University with my BBA in Economics. I have a passion for other cultures, cuisine, and traveling. I have traveled to many countries including most of Europe and a backpacking trek by myself throughout Central America. Read More About Hannah →

A Slight Delay

My travel plans to India had a start date of September 22. My flight and my exciting adventure were suppose to start after my arrival on September 24 in Jodhpur, India. Unfortunately, this was not the case and I have been delayed due to the Visa outsourcing office not getting my visa in time. I still do not have a date on which I will be leaving for sure now, although it will be soon... hopefully.

I am currently in Texas, visiting family. The plan was to be here for 10 days to visit family in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Fayetteville. Now, however, I am staying in Fayetteville with my mother and her husband, but am quite bored although I am getting plenty of reading done. Glad I bought that kindle, though I am reading all the books before I leave! Anyways, just in a waiting game now with no particular end.

I will update the news when I get some!

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