Rachel Beihl
Rachel Beihl
Spain 2018 - 2019
Hi! I'm Rachel Beihl. For the next few months I will be going through a life changing experience in Valencia, Spain working in child care and social welfare. I will be working with children from under privileged backgrounds, providing them with a safe and fun space to learn. Additionally, I'll be organizing all kinds of workshops, sports, or cultural activities, serve as role model and mentor, be an international friend for the children, and help create networks for marginal neighborhoods. Read More About Rachel →

A Bitter Sweet Beginning

For the past week, I have been re-adjusting to the eerie silence of my apartment. My boyfriend flew back to the States on Monday. Yes, I was in tears. Our 10-day-break in Spain was better than I could have ever imagined. We spent our five days in Barcelona getting lost the streets, tasting local beer and wine, and stuffing our faces with paellas, tapas (picking food), and bocadillos (small sandwiches). We paced our days by exploring different sections of the city. Our journey took us through Las Ramblas, El Gotic, El Born, and El Parc I La Llacuna Del Poblenou. Each destination had a different flavor to it yet, simultaneously added to the unique beauty of Barcelona. We entered the New Year in one of the restaurants that were opened. However, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we missed the actual turn of the new year. Hello, 2019!

We spent the last five days of the trip in Valencia, Spain. Again, we used each day to explore various parts of the city. Since it was the back end of our trip, we spent more time relaxing wherever we went. That meant BEACH TRIPS. We even made it to a small town called Alboraya outside of Valencia. During our last days, we went to a minor league soccer game – Levante versus Girona, two Spain teams. It was a confusing/amazing experience. We hadn’t eaten dinner because we expected to buy food the stadium. To our surprise, they only accepted cash and did not have a.t.m machines in sight. Also, as large football and hockey fans, we were usure of the rules of soccer. The game lasted an hour and a half, ending in a tie without going into overtime and WITHOUT going into a shoot-out. We were utterly confused. Nevertheless, the crowd kept our excitements up throughout the entire game. Our time in Spain ended up being the most beautiful experience of our lifetimes. We inevitably became tapa connoisseurs.

It’s been difficult adjusting to being alone again. However, the finalization of my graduate school applications kept me on my toes! I now have less than a week of work till I head back to the States. Time has moved both fast and slow during my time here. I am amazed by all that I have experienced. This opportunity has reinforced my beliefs as an individual, as well as an agent of social change. It feels bittersweet now that it’s coming to an end, but I know it will open a world full of new opportunities for me. I am forever grateful.

See you on the flip-side,



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